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What inspired you to bring Foreverland to the club? 
Growing up Ministry of Sound has always been an iconic clubbing brand, from the compositions on tv adverts to the incredible sound system at the club – it’s always been a goal of ours to bring the magic of Foreverland to the venue and now this weekend it’s become a reality.
How did you get into DJ’ing and production?  
After having spent years hosting hundreds of parties around the world.. I’ve always been close to the music but never really taken the leap myself. As we all know COVID changed the clubbing landscape in a way none of us could have predicted and since then I’ve really felt compelled to give it a try myself. For the past 18 months I’ve gone behind the decks and been working away in the studio – my only regret is I didn’t start sooner!
Who are your greatest inspirations?I’ve got quite an eclectic taste in music and I always go through phases of sounds and styles I’m into. I play a broad range of tracks ranging from latin tech to big room ethereal, more progressive stuff and also funny parody samples. When it comes to my own productions, the producers I look up to are John Summit, KC Lights, Vintage Culture and Paul Woolford.
What projects have you got coming up this year?
For the past 18 months or so I’ve been working on crafting my sound and I’m really excited to drop my first official release later this year with a super talent vocalist.. watch this space!If you had to pick one track to get the crowd going, what would it be?
I’ve got so many dance floor weapons on my USB but if I had one track to open a set with and get the crowd hyped it would have to be Camelphat’s remix of ‘Right Here Right Now’ – such an anthem, it never misses.
If you could give some advice to a DJ/Producer starting out what would it be?
My main piece of advice for anyone starting off in any field, not just the music industry, would be promote yourself at every possible opportunity. Don’t be afraid to get out there in front of friends, family, strangers – whoever will watch or listen and if possible. The best way to learn is to throw yourself in at the deep end, learn on the job and shake off those beginner nerves. Once you’re up there it’s pure enjoyment and the rest will follow. If you don’t promote yourself, nobody else will.. be your own biggest cheerleader.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen at a rave?
I’ve seen so many mental moments over the years but one funny memory I always cherish was when somebody’s 86 year old granny came up on the stage during a Foreverland show and started dancing and raving in front of 2000 people, we filmed the whole thing and it went down in Foreverland folklore.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
5 years from now I’d love to be sharing my music with millions of people around the globe. I’ve always tried to make raving accessible to everyone and I think there’s so many places worldwide that haven’t really had a chance to experience the magic of dance music yet; ultimately I’d love to open that door to these people and bring dance music to the masses.
Finally… What can you promise fans ahead of your set this weekend?
In true Foreverland style we’re transforming the venue into an unrecognisable downtown Tokyo-inspired dystopia. I’m talking decor, trippy visuals, immersive walkaround characters, confetti explosions, psychedelic art installations and of course, a hand-picked soundtrack booming out from the UK’s best soundsystem!

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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