Calls for more security at Brooklyn Mirage after mysterious deaths of attendees

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A group of clubbers have started a campaign for more security outside Brooklyn Mirage, after two people were found dead and another was allegedly kidnapped after leaving the open-air Brooklyn-based venue.

The three incidents have been speculated to be connected on social media, however police have not confirmed this.

27-year-old John Castic was last seen leaving Brooklyn Mirage at 3:AM on July 29, before he was found dead in Newtown Creek days later on August 1.

Weeks prior to this, on June 11, 27-year-old psychologist Karl Clemente disappeared after leaving the same venue, and was also found dead in the same creek on June 16.

The third case happened on July 22 when ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon 32-year-old Michael Bautista was allegedly kidnapped outside of Brooklyn Mirage.

Bautista was reportedly abducted by Anthony Benjamin in an unmarked taxi. Benjamin is claimed to have forced the surgeon to spend $6,000 at different shops such as a Foot Locker, a fitness studio, a barber and more.

According to Stereogum, police arrested Benjamin with second-degree kidnapping with a firearm and possession of a controlled substance as well as his accomplice was charged with helping in the kidnap.

Since these incidents, an online campaign has been launched requesting police and Brooklyn Mirage to more lighting outside the venue and for more policing around unlicensed taxis in the area.

An online letter addressed to Councilwoman Jennifer Gutierrez – whose district includes the music venue and the creek – has been circulating on social media.

Gutiérrez said according to News12: “I think it’s shaken up more than just Williamsburg, to be honest. I think folks in Ridgewood and nearby Bushwick also, but citywide.”

She added that her inbox has been “flooded with concerns from constituents” adding: “I think people have a right to be scared. We haven’t gotten a full rundown from the NYPD on the sequence of events and what happened in both instances”.

Gothamist report that neither the venue nor the City Hall has indicated whether any improvements will be made.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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