Call Super announces new album, ‘Eulo Cramps’

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Call Super has just announced their fourth studio album ‘Eulo Cramps’, which will land on he and Parris’ label Can You Feel The Sun next month.

The DJ, producer and artist, real name Joe Seaton, has described the eight-track record as “a river of reflections on selfhood, light, the present, what we call loss and what we call growth.”

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While the album focuses on self-reflection, Call Super has enlisted a number of collaborators for ‘Eulo Cramps’ as opposed to his previous full-length records. ‘Goldwood’ features glitched spoken word rom their long-time neighbour Elke Wardlaw drawing on the LP’s recurring themes of the forest.

‘Wardlaw’ is accompanied with intermittent piano chords and machines whirring in the background. The song is more withdrawn than its counterparts ‘Illumina’ and ‘Sapling’, which came out earlier in the year and are embossed by Julia Holter and Eden Samara’s stunning vocals and pertain elements of improv and free jazz.

2023 started off with a bang for Call Super with a rousing residency at Phonox in February, and has shown no signs of slowing down since for the trailblazing artist.

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A non-stop summer included sets at Glastonbury, Houghton, Love International and most recently at Draaimolen with Pariah, and to close off the year the producer will be presenting a solo exhibition at St. Mary’s Church, Belgravia in late November. Seaton’s poetry will accompany the new paintings and artwork, all of which is set to be catalogued.

‘Eulo Cramps’ is available to pre-order both on vinyl and digitally through the can you feel the sun bandcamp and ‘Goldwood’ is available to listen below.

1. Ondo Helps Us Hear The Splinters
2. Fly Black Stork
3. Sapling with Eden Samara
4. Illumina with Julia Holter
5. Glossy Bingo Stain
6. Coppertone Elegy
7. Goldwold with Elke Wardlaw
8. Clam Lute Wig
9. Years In The Hospital

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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