Calibre releases new edition of archival ‘Shelflife’ series

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Calibre (real name Dominick Martin), the long-influential drum ‘n’ bass producer and DJ, has released the eighth volume in his archival ‘Shelflife’ series.

‘Shelflife 8’ contains a number of tracks that he’s produced from the past 20 years, with several previously being unreleased and only having been heard in his DJ sets.

There are 13 drum ‘n’ bass tracks on the release, available digitally now, with CD and vinyl versions due to ship in September, with the vinyl release featuring 3×12” records.

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The album’s artwork, featuring a cubist style drawing, was created by Calibre himself. It’s released via the artist’s own imprint Signature Recordings.

The first volume of ‘Shelflife’ was released in 2007, with previous editions featuring contemporaries including DRS, DJ Marky, Cleveland Watkiss and the late Marcus Intalex.

Last year, Calibre released ‘Backtracking’ from his LP ‘Double Bend’ via Craig Richards’ label The Nothing Special. Remixing a 2012 track by Marcus Intalex (as his house and techno Trevino moniker), he donated 100% of the revenue from Bandcamp sales of the track to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

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When the track was released, Craig Richards wrote in an Instagram post: “Marcus Kaye died on the 28th of May 2017 aged 45.

“As Marcus Intalex he was an undeniable force in the world of drum and bass and latterly he commanded equal respect for his techno and electro productions as Trevino,” he continued.

“I asked Calibre, a close friend and contemporary of Marcus if he would consider reworking it. The result is a wonderful new interpretation of a special tune which we proudly present in his honour.”

Listen to ‘Shelflife 8’ below, and click here to purchase.


01. Thrubbin

02. Breather

03. Heat

04. Chantilly

05. Home

06. Wirly

07. I Don’t Care What U Say

08. No Sense

09. I Can’t Change You

10. Fade

11. Fall Away

12. Well Being

13. Don’t Wonder

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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