​Björk’s daughter Ísadóra has just released her first solo music

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Ísadóra Bjarkardóttir Barney, the daughter of Björk, has released her debut solo music as part of an Icelandic grassroots arts compilation.

Landing earlier this month on ‘DRULLUMALL 4’, a compilation made up of tracks from Icelandic artists, Ísadóra’s new track marks her very first venture into solo music with the soulful track ‘bergmál’.

The single appeared on a 14-track V/A from Reykjavík music and arts collective post-dreifing, which featured artists “from different corners of the scene” together on one compilation.

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“Dear friends, DRULLUMALL 4 is out!” announced post-dreifing on January 20, the day of the compilation’s release. “14 wonderful tracks from different corners of the scene have finally reached the surface.”

“It is an exciting mix of artists, some of them may go harder than ever on this complilation, for others it marks their very first release,” revealed the collective.

Ísadóra, who often goes by the name Doa, recently appeared on Björk’s latest ‘gabber-inspired’ album ‘Fossora’. The September release featured a collaboration between the singer and her daughter, who sings on the track ‘Her Mother’s House’.

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The track was made in ode to Doa who recently left home for pastures new. “I asked Doa to write about saying goodbye to the nest and [said] she didn’t have to just be nice,” Björk told The Guardian. “It’s me making fun of myself for being a bit clingy.”

‘Fossora’ also featured Björk’s son, Sindri Eldon, on ‘Ancestress’. Since the record’s release, one track has received a special remix from Sega Bodega and Shygirl.

Released on Friday, ’Ovule’’s rework explores “chill-bassdrum-gabba”, says Björk, who told fans: “it has been so nourishing sharing music with shy and sega …. soooo honoured to be in their hands.”

Listen to Ísadóra’s new single, ‘bergmál’, below, and check out ‘DRULLUMALL 4’ here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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