Berghain is rumoured to be closing “by the end of 2022”

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Berghain is rumoured to be closing for good by the end of 2022.

The famous Berlin institution, which has been open since 2004, has become the centre of speculation following the closure of its in-house record label and booking agency, Ostgut Ton.

According to Faze Magazine, the “final end” to Berghain will come by the end of the year per several inside sources at the club. “The Berghain is closing forever — the final end will come this year,” one source alleges.

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“One of the founders has already been paid out and is said to be staying in the countryside in Brandenburg,” another inside source cited. “The others simply ‘don’t feel like it’ anymore and have other life plans in mind.”

Faze Magazine adds that the venue would not be taken over by another nightlife organisation upon its closure: “In this case there are different concepts, for example passing the club on to younger hands or selling it to another operator. Apparently, this is not desirable.”

According to the source, Berghain’s “chapter should finally be closed” with no further iterations of the club, and the venue would not continue to exist as an art location as it did during the pandemic.

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This isn’t the first time rumours of Berghain’s closure have circulated in the music world. But after in-house booking agency Ostgut Bookings announced its closure last week, speculation has arisen as to if this is really the end of the Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain bordering venue’s 18-year run.

Ostgut Bookings will be the final arm of Berghain’s Ostgut brand to close, with the Ostgut Ton record label having closed up shop earlier this year after the release of the imprint’s anniversary compilation ‘Funfzehn +1’.

Berghain first opened under the name Ostgut in 1998, later gutted and redeveloped by founders Michael Teufele and Norbert Thormann into a techno club in 2004. The world-famous club currently has over 250 employees and dozens of residents.

Mixmag has contacted Ostgut Ton for comment.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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