“Barbenheimer”-themed warehouse rave held in Brooklyn

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You’ve heard of Shrek raves, SpongeBob-themed parties and even a David Attenborough-inspired rave – but this might top them all.

New Yorkers jumped at the opportunity to throw a Barbenehimer-themed rave in a Bushwick warehouse over the weekend, and it looked chaotic.

More than 750 people attended the party, which took place at Brooklyn’s 99 Scott Studio on Saturday, July 22, promising “two contrasting worlds coming together for one night of electrifying fun”.

According to an organiser on TikTok – where the event was advertised in a guerilla campaign – the rave was set up with just two weeks’ notice featuring JAJAJANUARY, Zulan, and SENAIDA on the line-up.

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DJs performing on the night were described as playing “cunty hyperpop”, which quickly turned to “Berlin boiler house” over the course of the night.

“There will be Barbenheimer-themed decor and I’m hoping people will come dressed up as characters from Barbie/Oppenheimer,” SENAIDA told the New York Post. Themed drinks were also sold as part of the rave’s schtick – mezcal cocktails for the Oppenheimer contingent and pink lemonade cocktails for the Barbie fans.

“I’m planning on playing a mix of dark techno, cinematic ambient, disco and house music to reflect both movies. I’m really looking forward to it, and it’s going to be a really fun night.”

The event – celebrating the launch of Barbie and Oppenheimer at cinemas across the world – ran through the night with punters clad head-to-toe in pink, others dressed in formal dress shirts and waistcoats.

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Speaking to Mashable, one attendee dressed as Ken explained: “I am as Ken as I could be,” adding: “I didn’t know the air conditioning situation, if I had known it was well-air conditioned I would have worn an Oppenheimer-inspired outfit.”

A life-sized Barbie box photo booth was set up in the corner of the warehouse reading: “She’s the bomb!” on the front, where rave-goers took the opportunity to grab photos.

Mashable reported that those in attendance of the rave booked to see a double-bill of both films the next day at 2:30PM, while some made their way to the Bushwick warehouse in costume – straight from the cinema.

“I found out about the event on TikTok,” a 35-year-old data scientist told Mashable at the Barbenheimer rave. “About 50 percent of the events I go to I find out about on there.”

Another punter told the outlet that they were only there for the party, and had “no intention of seeing either film”, explaining: “I’m more of a rave person”.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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