Balraj Singh Samrai and Farah Ahmad Khan team up for hard-hitting ‘Planet-People-Power’ remix

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Balraj Singh Samrai has teamed up with Farah Ahmad Khan to explore climate justice on the remix of their track ‘Planet-People-Power’, which enlists producer GoldTooth on the remix and rapper Rootz for a hard-hitter fit for the club or the classroom.

Accompanying the track – comprised of lyrics such as ‘You don’t know the effect that you’re having on others, you’re too busy grindin’ and ‘Our planet is dying’ – is a futuristic video directed by Wing-Yan, displaced of space and time.

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“During the making of the ‘Planet-People-Power’ film it was important to capture the feeling of deep pain and place it outside of space and time in our visuals,” she explains. “We focused on the theme of claustrophobia and utilised uncomfortably tight shots throughout the filmmaking process. The idea of choking was important, it bore right down from initial thoughts in pre-production all the way through to final delivery.

“In terms of aesthetic, as diaspora ourselves we were trying to imagine a future beyond a destructive past and present that is out of our control, and at the same time create a space led by voices that understand well what is needed to live a full and happy life.”

Check out the video below:

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This remix from GoldTooth flips the original 11-minute track into a shorter three and a half, continuing to incorporate Rakhi Singh‘s warm strings, Vikaash Sankadecha‘s tabla rhythms whilst adding glistening pads, 808 bass and flitting drum beats plus his own vocals.

It is also interwoven with excerpts from an interview with climate activist and researcher Pooja Kishinani, curator of Indigenous Perspectives Alexandra P. Alberda and writer, performer and producer Keisha Thompson. Gavsborg of Jamaican collective Equiknoxx shares a bleak poem, with Pandit G of Asian Dub Foundation sharing examples of the role that green spaces provide for the most marginalised.

You can buy ‘Planet People Power (GoldTooth Remix) featuring Rootz now, do so here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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