Bae Blade to share her ‘Mixed Feelings’ on new EP

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Bae Blade has announced her forthcoming debut EP ‘Mixed Feelings’, accompanied by releasing its lead single ‘Busy Overthinking’.

With the full record available on September 1 via Mutual Pleasure, the four-tracker is compiled with hard-edged, high-energy techno, breakbeat and trance soundscapes with hooks providing curveballs from other genres.

‘Busy Overthinking’ is quite literally busy from the word go; it blurs ferocious drumbeats with snappy hi-hats, blending elements of techno with hours and trance. Add a bass-fuelled synth with melodic elements and a hypnotic vocal, it feels a somewhat vulnerable debut from the Dortmund-based DJ and producer regardless of the track’s intense exterior.

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“This is a really honest track,” she explains. “I think the lyrics are something everyone can relate to.

“It’s primarily driven by the synth bass that runs throughout the song, complemented by the surrounding elements. Most of them are samples I purchased or received from producer friends, just the kind of stuff you send each other in between. This track was about conveying a mood, and all of it came together without any fancy equipment.

“For the kick, I used a sample from a hard house library to achieve that punch, and then I opted for softness with the pads which I played myself. The remaining drums are all house elements, allowing me to strike the right balance between the powerful kick and percussion, while the pads and leads reintroduce a touch of softness. I mainly relied on the Ableton effects, and Splice played a big part in creating the mood for the vocal sample I got from it for what I aimed for: a cheesy song that still packs a club-ready punch.”

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Other tracks – ‘I Like’, ‘Bossed Up’ and ‘‘Schneller Als Die Scuderia (ft SeppXTC)’ draw upon breakbeat and percussive sounds, trance infused breakdowns and jerky bass, with the latter track featuring SeppXTC allowing sounds of rap to close the EP.

“I wanted to break free from the boundaries of compilations and showcase my unique sound and diverse genre interests by releasing a full EP,” she continues. “After honing my production skills, I felt that the right time had finally come to bring this vision to life. Thanks to the power of social media, which can be both a blessing and a curse, I eventually mustered the courage to upload short snippets of my work. It was a challenging yet liberating experience to step out of my comfort zone.

To my surprise, Partiboi69 noticed my snippets and expressed interest in listening to the entire EP. Taking the jump to step beyond my own limitations and present my sound to the world was undoubtedly a significant move. The positive reactions from my close friends and the recognition from someone within the industry like Partiboi69 erased any uncertainties and doubts I had. It reaffirmed that the risk of fully expressing my artistic self was more than worth it.”

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Bae Blade launched her musical project during lockdown, previously working as a touring photographer with hip hop groups. Following a mix she shared growing online, she debuted at HÖR Berlin before landing a residency in February on Rinse FM.

You can check out lead single ‘Busy Overthinking’ now, taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Mixed Feelings’ available on September 1. Do so here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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