Aslice announces deal with FATdrop to pay producers for unreleased music

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Aslice and promo platform FATdrop have collaborated to pay producers before the release date.

As software for producers to get paid when DJs play their tracks, Aslice is expanding its strategy by teaming up with the pre-release promo platform FATdrop, according to a report by RA.

Aslice was launched last year by artist DVS1 who now claims that there is a “lack of standards” for storing metadata which has led billions of dollars unpaid to musicians.

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This new partnership sees a new feature appear in the FATdrop preferences so that now any pre-release promos serviced via FATdrop can be matched in Aslice allowing users to share metadata which includes, the artist name and track title.

Aslice uses software such as rekordbox, Serato, Traktor, and more to match tracks used by DJs with their database to create a “fairer music ecosystem”.

The new system hopes to “empower producers to get paid for their music pre-release” by sharing metadata.

“These are tough times for artists and labels, and providing new ways for artists to be paid when their music is played is a worthy cause,” said FATdrop owner Alex Stacey to RA.

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They add: “As a fellow independent company, we admire [Aslice’s] innovative grass-roots approach to improving the ecosystem for artists and labels.”

“Thousands of A-list DJs check FATdrop every week to get their promos, and it makes sense for Aslice to have the data to match those releases with their owners. That way, when any of those DJs take part and donate a part of their DJ fees, the right people get paid.”

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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