Armenian nightclub Poligraf is raising funds for families displaced by conflict

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Armenian techno nightclub Poligraf has launched fundraising events in support of the families who have been displaced following the war in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

In a statement, the venue explained that a portion of the proceeds from this weekend’s events will be used to support those affected by the Azerbaijani military.

Around 42,500 people – about 35% of the region’s population – have fled their homes after Azerbaijan lifted a 10-month blockade on the region’s only road to Armenia, reports The Guardian.

The blockage had caused shortages of food, medicine and fuel, and the death toll has reached 68 after a fuel depot explosion on Monday. 105 people are still missing and 290 are wounded.

Poligraf, which is in the Armenian capital of Yerevan, has shared the following statement: “In these trying times, we recognize the importance of remaining open and operational to contribute to our local economy and extend support to those affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

“The recent aggression by Azerbaijan has resulted in a significant exodus of people seeking safety and shelter. We want to inform all our followers that we will commit a portion of the proceeds from this weekend’s events to assist those displaced by these unfortunate circumstances.

“Poligraf, has always aimed to be a safe space for people to come together, socialize, and find solace. We believe that during times of adversity, such spaces are essential to maintaining our collective well-being.”

The venue concludes: “Your continued support means the world to us.”

Earlier this year, Poligraf faced a “brutal” police raid that saw attacks on its staff and clubgoers.

Supporters of the club took to the streets of the Armenian capital over the weekend to protest the police’s actions.

Protests were livestreamed showing people dancing outside with soundsystems rigged, and a DJ performing on the streets.

On April 29, Poligraf announced that it would reopen with a strict door policy, encouraging clubbers to “take care of each other and maintain harmony”.

The club’s well-known queer night called Princess Diaries went ahead the next day but without its usual addition of a drag performance.

The fundraising events will take place across the weekend with tickets at the door only available in cash. Find out more here.

Poligraf has also created infographics on the situation including where to help. Check these out below.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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