Apranik Records unveil Iranian women-led compilation, ‘Intended Consequence’

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Apranik Records has returned with its second V/A compilation of the year, ‘Intended Consequences’.

The record represents a fresh programming of Iranian women musicians and producers from across the different soundscapes of electronic music, with the release following in the footsteps of the label’s first compilation ‘Women Life Freedom’.

With the first instalment released in response to the women-lead uprisings in Iran following the killing of Mahsa Zhina Amini – who died under suspicious circumstances while detained by police – the second edition reemphasises telling the story of Iranian woman’s fight for freedom in the country.

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It illustrates the image of power, resistance and persistence in moments of both chaos and calmness.

“Curating our second release ‘Intended Consequence’ posed a new challenge for us in light of the success of our first release, ‘Woman Life Freedom’, which received significant press and attention. Our record label and initial release were conceived as a response to the Woman Life Freedom movement in Iran. Our project stands as a pioneering effort in the music industry, representing a roster of Iranian women who are aligned with a social and political cause. However, since then, the movement has evolved and taken on a different form. What began as active protests in the streets has now transformed into a daily struggle for women in Iran, who protest by defying the mandatory hijab as they go about their daily activities, despite great risk.

“Our challenge with our second project was to reflect and highlight this change, demonstrating that the movement remains vibrant and active. This is when the concept of ‘Intended Consequence’ was born. Through this release, we aim to emphasise that beneath the seemingly calmer surface, the fight continues to thrive in Iran, with women expressing their dissent through their choice of clothing and their refusal to wear mandatory head coverings. This new concept not only inspired us but also motivated us to further diversify the talent we represent by showcasing a broader selection of some of Iran’s most respected female musicians within experimental and ambient sound design. These are women who live and breathe this fight through their daily musical practice, and we are eager to share music that displays the diversity of sound and talent within our community.”

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Those featured in the record include Rojin Sharafi, Aida Shirazi, Ava Rasti and AZADI.mp3. You can find the full tracklist with all artists here, but should expect a record which meanders through sounds of off-kilter club rhythms, clattering jungle, breaks, loopy four-to-the-floor and polyrhythmic electro.

‘Intended Consequence’ is available now via Apranik Records. Proceeds from purchases will be donated to charities that help women and marginalised groups in Iran. Check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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