Amsterdam launches €2.2 million programme to support nightlife

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Amsterdam is set to introduce a four-year plan to support its nightlife sector, with a €2.2 million programme that includes “15 new measures” to improve the city’s nighttime industries.

The report mentions that Amsterdam “never sleeps” referencing Valtifest, Amsterdam Dance Event and Milkshake as its “innovative” focal points of culture.

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The new initiative will work with developers, landowners and private individuals to transform spaces from garages to empty bomb shelters to become temporary or permanent venues — the new spaces will also receive sound insulation to limit noise complaints in residential areas.

Rolling out over the next four years, the programme will also be supporting young creatives with its new fund to teach the next generation of nightlife professionals.

The fourth point looks into the diversity in Amsterdam’s night culture with the introduction of workshops at nightclubs in the day offering courses for DJs, programmers or lessons on sound and lighting technology.

“We are investigating the current map in collaboration with Bureau Broedplaatsen of breeding grounds to see what is possible at existing locations,” the report explains.

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Behind the report is the Deputy Mayor of the city, Touria Meliani who states in the document: “We will implement this agenda in consultation with the departments involved and the city districts. We also involve the sector itself as much as possible in the implementation.

“As a municipality, we fulfil our role in a way that does justice to the interests of day and night. Together with social parties, area developers and the cultural sector itself, we can use the measures in this agenda to give night culture the boost it deserves as a vital part of cultural life in Amsterdam.”

Read the full report, and check out all 15 of Amsterdam’s nightlife pledges, here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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