Addison Groove unveils visceral techno EP ‘Eh Whut’

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Addison Groove has shared his new EP, ‘Eh Whut’.

Available via Chloé Robinson‘s Pretty Weird label as its 10th release, the Bristolian producer and DJ echoes the imprint’s clear message that there is “no thrill” in playing it safe when it comes to musical output through the record’s two heavyweight techno cuts.

Expect fragmented drum beats, bare-bone rhythmic patterns and gripping vocal infusions.

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Titular track ‘Eh Whut’ is a precisely moulded soundscape with fragmented, hefty drums moving the track through its five pulsating minutes. Buildups rise and fall in a grinding motion, weaving from one to another with dissipating melodies and choppy vocals.

Follow-up ‘Elevator’ employs more agitated vocals between sparse drum loops, with tense percussive elements aiding to create a track to take DJ sets down an off-kilter route.

“Tracks like this start out as a jam, then a quick bounce to play out in a club the following weekend,” Addison Groove tells Mixmag. “That’s the exact case with these two. They are fairly basic tunes compared to my previous efforts but after hearing them out a few times it was obvious to finish them off: they got a decent reaction from a piss poor mixdown.

“Chloé Robinson, [DJ] ADHD and Nikki [Nair] were pretty much the first I sent it to and they were into it. So, it found a home on Pretty Weird.”

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You can get Addison Groove’s latest EP ‘Eh Wut’ now. Check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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