73% of producers believe AI music generators could replace them, according to new data

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A new survey, of 1,5000 producers, has revealed that 73% think AI music generators may replace them.

As artificial intelligence (AI) rises in popularity and in its capabilities, the growth of AI-created music has fluctuated. 35% of producers claim that they see AI as a force for good — according to a recent survey made by music blog, BPB.

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When asked what producers were most concerned about regarding AI, around 30% said they were worried that: “AI music production tools may lead to less creativity and originality.”

However, 24% of the focus group were worried about “ethical and legal issues with AI-generated music, like copyright and ownership concerns.”

The data collected shows that copyright is the most controversial topic regarding AI as 37% believe that AI-generated music should be public domain.

On the other hand, over 30% of producers said they are planning to use AI tools in their production work soon yet, around 16% responded that they had already tried AI technology and were “disappointed”.

From this survey, the question that saw the most agreement among those selected to participate in the survey was that over 86% think that AI music production tools will replace at least some of the current tools available.

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“Some musicians and music producers are eager to see what further developments AI technology could bring, while others completely reject the possibility of adding AI tools into their workflow,” BPB states.

It findings add that: “Two major concerns are that using AI music software could produce an avalanche of unoriginal music and cause copyright issues. As for the latter, it all comes down to putting legislation in place to cover all bases and protect creators and musicians.”

Read the full report from BPB here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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