​7 best tips for savvy ticket buying

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Buying gig tickets can be a minefield, so we’ve compiled a list of hints and tips to keep your money safe

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  • 16 May 2023

1. Avoid buying tickets ‘on the street’

Despite a cross-industry crackdown on ticket touters, reports of fraudulent ticket selling — particularly on social media — are still rife in 2023. It’s important to make sure you are buying from a confirmed seller or a friend. If you and your crew do end up buying resale tickets from a stranger, it’s important to never pay directly with cash, bank transfer or payment apps. Direct payment methods do not provide protection or allow you to track your order, if, god forbid, it turns out you’ve been scammed — and limit your ability to recoup your money.

2. Google the ticketing website before buying

Though fake tickets on social media are a cause for concern, fraudsters have been known to create fake websites fitted out with copycat logos to lure in prospective buyers. Many of these websites have unsecure URLs, meaning that not only are you at risk of getting scammed when buying from them — but your banking details could also be at risk. Using safe marketplaces like viagogo, that promise 100% customer guarantees on each order, means fans either get into the gig or their money back.

3. Don’t search harder, search smarter

As even the price of general sale tickets soar, being savvy with your searches can save you some serious money. It’s important to consider the price difference between single seats, versus a group ticket to score a deal. Prices for seats on ticketing websites tend to dip during off-peak hours or closer to the event – peak hours are the first few weeks after on-sale and in the week leading into the event – so holding out a little longer to get your pass is a good idea.

4. Pick a seat, any seat

Whether up close to the action is your thing, or observing from a comfortable seat at a distance — it’s important to know all the options when it comes to your seating. Price is important, but also if the area is in-line with the type of experience you want to have at the gig. Are you desperate for a euphoric mosh pit? Or are you looking for the VIP experience? Check out all seating options before you make a decision.

​5. Location, Location, Location

Look out for multiple dates in your city and any nearby cities too – you could find that ticket demand differs in smaller towns with smaller venues. If you can’t get tickets for London for example then try Bristol, Birmingham or Manchester. However, if you don’t fancy a “Great British road trip”, then switch up the scenery and head across the channel to Barcelona, Amsterdam or even Berlin.

​6. Have a back-up plan

If life throws you a curve ball and for whatever reason you’ve got tickets you no longer need, have a plan B. viagogo is a safe place to sell your spares. Simply find the event, share your ticket details, set the price and choose how you want to get paid. It might help fund your next gig out.

7. Don’t share pictures of your tickets on social media

Of course, it’s pretty hard to resist showing off your tickets on social media — but visible barcodes, QR codes and order numbers can lead to information on you, or the security of your ticket, being compromised. Protect your ticket, cover up any visible information.

To find those in-demand tickets, or sell passes to events you won’t be able to make it to, head to

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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