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Meet: This is JB

MEET: THIS IS JB MY STORY OF WHY I DJ I have always had a strong passion for music of all kinds, but have never been able to learn to play any instruments, in 1988 I found House music and my love for this genre started to grow, and my focus started to gravitate towards all kinds of Electronic music, pulling me away from my Heavy Metal and Grunge days, I […]

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House history

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What is the underground?

What is the Underground & why dance music culture is more important now than ever ? by Yugen Sill Why is dance music important in today’s world & is it still relevant ? Humans since the birth of time have been captivated by sounds. People created rhythms through methods such as clapping & the earliest discovered instruments are over 40,000 years old.  Why does something so steeped in our history […]

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Station News

Sponsor Announcement – Red Pill Audio network

Sponsor Announcement Red Pill Audio Production Network Club Ready Radio is delighted to share some amazing news regarding our new sponsorship deal from the awesome Red Pill Audio Production Network. Red Pill is a school for budding music producers, working at the cutting edge of creating brand new and fresh music for the dance music industry. This sponsorship arrangement will enable our DJs to share a wide range of pre-release […]

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Sponsor Announcement – Boomtic Records

Sponsor Announcement Boomtic Records - An independent record label We are very excited to announce the sponsorship from an outstanding independent Record Label Boomtic Records. We are thrilled to be working with such a supportive label that is true to the house & electronic music scene and strives to promote awesome up and coming independent producers. Boomtic Records have introduced some top artists to the world over the last decade […]

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Psychebuddha banner

Meet the DJs

Meet: Psychebuddha

MEET: PSYCHEBUDDHA IT'S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY ! Born in France in 72, I was rocked by the sounds of Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, The Cure and all the cold and new wave stuff. Next came the Acid House era and the Raves. I then started to participate and organise a few parties before leaving for Leeds. After arriving there I met and shared the home of Nigel Walker, […]

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Meet: Pops

MEET: POPS Well, where do we start? Music is an escape it’s a way of distancing yourself for a short period of time from the trials and tribulations of day-to-day issues. It's no different for me whether singing along in the car to tunes, playing on the radio or in front of a lot of people, I have been lucky to have done all of that and more.I’m 57 years […]

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Meet: Trams

MEET: TRAMS House, disco, funky, dubby and often dirty beats I'm old enough to have been a budding bedroom DJ in the mid nineties. Armed with a mixer and 2 dubious and not matching home record players, 1 belt driven and 1 mechanical, I learnt  to appreciate all types of dance music of the time. The first real music that blew my head off was 'The Prodigy Experience', it opened […]

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Meet the DJs

Meet: Suz-EQ

MEET: SUZ-EQ Young at Heart Being a 1968 baby, my childhood influence was classic 70's Disco and James Brown, then 80's New Wave (particularly Duran Duran & Wham). First club experience was the result of meeting someone at a school party, who insisted they knew a place where I'd prefer the music to the grunge rock at the party.  So next thing at 16 yrs old, I'm a motorcycle passenger arriving […]

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Rave Stories

The Reluctant DJ

The Reluctant DJ Mid December 1998, a shy teenager is travelling by car from the South of England to a ski resort in the French Alps. Driving the car is his new boss as 'Damo' has got himself a job working for a small holiday company. Conversation was dry, laboured and awkward, despite his new boss attempting to oil the conversation to get through the 12 hour drive. Chatting to […]

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